The Golden Brick Awards

The Golden Brick Awards honour the best Indian Real Estate Builders, Developers and Professionals. It’s a platform that creates an opportunity for the brands to network and connect with the Real Estate industry under one roof. The first edition was held on 9th April, 2016. The Golden Brick Awards was the very first award show organized outside India. It was organized in Dubai as it is an epitome of innovation and infrastructure. First time in the history of electronic media, an award ceremony was telecasted in more than 20 major channels. This award enjoyed high retention value and credibility.

                  The second edition of Golden Brick Awards had extensive international media coverage. It was held on 5th October, 2017 with the honourable presence of esteemed chief guest Mr. Suhail Mohd Al Zarooni. The guests of honours were: Mr. Sultan Al Rasheed Lootah  (Chairman  & MD at Realm Investment, Chairman & MD at Vault Investments, MD at Vault Smart IT Solutions) and Ms. Nicole Rodrigues (MD at Diva Group of Companies). The show was hosted by Dr. Romesh Japra (Chairman of Federation of Indian Associations of Northern California, The founder and Convener of the Festival of Globe Silicon Valley and the publisher of India Post). More than 500+ nominations were received across 70 categories. International Audit Agencies like Synovate Canada, Modop Australia were assigned to create the parameters and nominations. The Major winners were Godrej Properties, Koltepatil Developers, Jain housing and Construction, Kalptaru, M3M, DLF and many more.

                  Now in year 2018, “The Golden Brick Awards” is back with its third edition with exceptional media coverage and customized branding opportunities. The Golden Brick Awards is the most exclusive and one of the excellent conclaves for Real Estate experts from all over the world. Now the only question that’s still unanswered is Why awards are important for your real estate business?

You might be wondering how an internationally recognized award helps your real estate business to grow!

Well, let’s just walk you through a few convincing points and we’ll leave the final call upon you.

  • Huge attention: Visualize yourself being standing on the podium with a recognized award in your hands. Think about the media attention that you would be getting.
  • Wear a badge: It’s always easy to showcase your strength with a recognized award. Think about getting a tag upon your business portfolio.
  • Retention and motivation: People always love to work in an organization that has got some reputation in the market. It’s always the recognition that matters at the end of the day.
  • Trust Factor: Being an award winner builds up confidence in your potential customers which further benefits your real estate growth.
  • Feedback: It’s not just about winning; it’s also about taking valuable feedback so that your graph maintains the exponential growth curve.

Now you know the key benefits but if you are still in dilemma whether a participation in such award shows is worth or not, consider reading a few testimonials from the leading real estate personalities on our website:


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