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Phoenix Expovent in association with WorldWide Federation for International RealEstate Investors proudly announces an Initiative to Acknowledge and Appreciate the Contribution of Indian Builders, Developers and Professionals to the Indian Real Estate Industry by holding an Exclusive Award Show, the Golden Brick Awards 2018.
The Aim is to Celebrate the Highest Levels of Achievement of Companies operating in all sectors of the Property & Real Estate Industry.
These Awards are going to be a world-renowned mark of Excellence for the Real Estate Industry.


  • Celebrating Growth:

    A gesture to celebrate the evolution of the Indian Real Estate Industry as a major contributor to economic growth.

  • Acknowledging Success:

    To acknowledge and appreciate the efforts and contribution of the “Builder & Developers Community” in evolving the Country’s infrastructure.

  • Recognizing Contributions:

    Recognize Professionals & Companies who have envisioned and created marvels in the real estate industry.

  • Appreciating Efforts:

    Provide a platform to thank them and wish them the best for their future projects.


Learn more: The Golden Brick Awards


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